3P shooting percentages with and without a dribble

Below is a comparison of a player’s three point success rate shooting off the dribble (e.g. as the pick and roll ball handler, in an isolation situation, pulling up in transition etc.) versus shooting without dribbling (e.g. catch and shoot via a teammates penetration etc.).

The players have been sorted by their number of ‘off the dribble’ shots and its no surprise that Rotnei Clarke is at the top of the list (he and Chris Goulding had over 100 attempts of this kind). The players at the bottom of the table aren’t taking these shots anywhere near as frequently (not even one attempt per game).

With a Dribble No Dribble
WOL Rotnei Clarke 39.6% 45.2%
MEL Chris Goulding 28.7% 41.6%
CNS Demetri McCamey 39.0% 33.8%
PER Jermaine Beal 41.4% 45.0%
TSV Steven Markovic 33.9% 45.6%
SYD Charles Carmouche 37.8% 41.1%
PER James Ennis 28.6% 40.5%
ADE Gary Ervin 35.3% 39.2%
SYD Ben Madgen 28.1% 44.9%
WOL Rhys Martin 32.3% 36.4%
SYD James Harvey 34.6% 28.8%
NZB CJ Bruton 32.0% 33.9%
NZB Kerron Johnson 28.0% 33.3%
MEL Nate Tomlinson 29.2% 44.0%
NZB Corey Webster 20.8% 39.6%
CNS Cameron Gliddon 13.0% 43.6%
TSV Peter Crawford 26.3% 32.9%
ADE Jason Cadee 22.2% 35.6%
NZB Darryl Corletto 52.9% 38.3%
ADE Adam Gibson 18.8% 42.5%
CNS Jamar Wilson 28.6% 24.0%
MEL MustapahaFarrakhan 14.3% 38.9%
TSV Mirko Djeric 23.1% 34.8%
WOL Kevin Tiggs 25.0% 33.3%
MEL Mark Worthington 27.3% 25.0%
CNS Clint Steindl 30.0% 44.0%

Note: Stats are from the 2013-14 Regular Season only


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