Brock Motum’s Turnovers

Turnovers (29 in 9 games) have been an issue for Brock Motum in his brief stint in Adelaide. I’ve gone back and had another look at all 29.

Turnover Type Frequency
Ball handling 14
Bad pass 7
Offensive foul 3
Travel 3
Out of bounds 1
3 seconds 1

After going back and watching the video again, a couple of issues were shown to be pretty common: he got the ball stripped on a number of occasions, and also struggled to make the shot/pass when driving into traffic or when a second defender doubled him. These situations accounted for about half of his turnovers and he’s clearly adjusting (or will have to adjust) to the extra attention that he is getting. Here’s a sample of some of those turnovers:











The other half of his turnovers were more a range of issues that didn’t surface more than a couple of times each, for example, a couple of fumbled catches, taking the extra step and travelling in an attempt to get better position, forcing a pass that wasn’t quite there, and receiving a pass with a defender in front of him already there to take the charge. has Motum with a Turnover Percentage of 17.94% which is higher than almost every player in the league at his position. The only remotely comparable players (in terms of size/position and minutes) to him right now are Mika Vukona and Tim Coenraad. The others near the top of this category include a group of point guards and a bunch of bench players who play sporadic minutes without having anywhere near his role. When comparing Motum’s numbers to his college stats, his 17.94 TO% with Adelaide is 2.82% higher than his NCAA career whilst his assist percentage of 1.93% with Adelaide is well down on his 10.36% rate in college.


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